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Ballet Pointe Shoe Shop

Welcome to the ballet pointe shoe shop! Here, you will find a variety of ballet shoes in all different sizes and colors. We recommend that you check with your dance instructor about the color choices before you buy some of the colors other than pink. Some instructors will only let you use one color.

This is the place to buy ballet shoes, also known as toe shoes, whether you are buying them as an adult or you are buying kids ballet shoes. If you are choosing the first ballet shoe for an adult or a child, it should be a flat shoe or ballet slipper. We have a variety of flat shoes and ballet slippers at discount prices depending on what you specifically want.

You will notice that a ballet shoe is very different from other types of shoes that you may wear. They are constructed differently from tennis and other shoes because they are built to mold the individual's foot. For a beginning shoe, look for a full suede and leather sole, and a leather ballet shoe especially when you want to buy kids ballet shoes. These are more comfortable than others.




Ballet Shoes That We Carry 

You will find a great fitting shoe in the Daisy by Capezio. This is a versatile shoe and is strong enough to work the pointe when the child gets to this level. Leather works a child's foot better than canvas and the Daisy is a leather shoe with suede sole.

We have ballet slippers made by DANSHUZ which comes with a pleated toe and a suede sole. This shoe is great for a very beginning student who is not totally sold on taking ballet lessons; it is a very comfortable shoe to dance in.

We also carry a woman's spandex beginning shoe that is comfortable and comes in women's sizes 4-10. Unfortunately, these do not come in half sizes.

Some of our shoes are lined and some are not. Most come with an insole of some type and they are made for comfort.




How To Buy Kids Ballet Shoes 

Kids ballet shoes should be bought with just a little room in the toe. These are not picked the same way as you would choose a regular shoe. If you purchase them too big, they will be too big for your child to dance in (see our size chart). One of the difficult things about buying kids ballet shoes is the fact that each pair of shoes is different in the way they fit.

The other point is that if you try on a canvas shoe, the leather shoe by the same manufacturer may fit differently. This is why it is important to take your time when you want to buy kids ballet shoes.

Many manufacturers will tell you how to convert your regular shoe size to ballet sizes, but a rule of thumb is that the ballet shoes will be 2-3 sizes smaller than what you would normally purchase for your day to day wear and they should fit snugly but not too tight.