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Ballet for kids 

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Children can learn many things from ballet and part of what they learn is discipline. They will learn flexibility, control of their bodies and balance. Many ballet kids love the experience because they get to do so many different techniques. They also like the fact that they get to wear interesting kid’s ballet shoes and that these change as they grow older.


What Children Learn In Ballet Class 


Children learn a variety of things through ballet that they may not learn at other places. This is often their first introduction to classical and other types of music. Many ballet routines are created from fairy tales that children know. Children will also learn poise and grace, balance and how to move within their bodies. Children also learn the value of focus and how to work within a particular space.


Children who want to learn ballet, learn more than those who are made to go to classes by their parents. This is a type of dance that not all children will like because of its discipline. Children also learn how to play as a team because everyone will have a role when they perform on stage.


Choosing a Ballet Class 


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There are usually several ballet classes to choose from in a larger city, and there are things to take into consideration about the studio before you enroll your child. You will want to visit the studio first to see how the instructor is with children and to see the size of the class. Most studios will limit class size, but this is not always the case. As an example, if you are enrolling very small ballet kids from age 3-8 the class size should not be more than 8 or 10 students. This way, everyone learns easily and the kids have more fun.


Dance classes should also have someone in the reception room to answer the phones and keep an eye on children while they are waiting for their class to begin. A website for the dance studio is also a good idea so that you can find out more information about them, get a list of performances and other information that you will need as your child moves through the class.


Finally, you will want to take into the consideration the floor that your child will be working on. The dance studio have a dance surface that is either floating, cushioned or suspended to provide protection from injury for the ballet kids.


Choosing Kids Ballet Shoes

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Many parents worry that if they buy ballet shoes for their kids when they are young, they will be spending a lot of money because children grow so quickly. The best shoe for a beginner is a flat ballet shoe and they are generally inexpensive. It is wise not to purchase them too big because they will not work well. Instead, make sure that the ballet shoe has only a small gap between the big toe and the end of the shoe; usually a half inch is sufficient.


Choosing Ballet Clothes 


Probably the best thing for girls to wear at a ballet class is a leotard and a pair of tights. There are a plethora of options while choosing leotards and you can choose from several designs, colors and patterns. 


For boys, tight sweat pants teamed up with a t-shirt that is tucked in at the waist, or a tank top is the best. Some boys prefer wearing leotards and tights, with the tights worn on the outside.