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Adult Ballet (Beginner ballet)


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It is never too late to learn ballet and many adult ballet students are learning that this is a great way to increase their overall fitness. It is important to note that ballet clothing for the beginner adult will be different than the clothing for children.                                                                       

If you are thinking that you are too old to start ballet, think again. Many adults are turning to ballet as a way to promote fitness. This activity can help you tone your body, tighten up areas and learn basic ballet techniques. You may be too late to be a primary ballerina, but it is never too late to start as a way to gain overall fitness.

Ballet Clothing for Adult Ballet: Getting Started  

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You can wear just about anything comfortable to an adult ballet class. Although some adults will wear a leotard and tights, if this is not comfortable, you can wear a tee shirt and a pair of sweat pants. Clothing should be loose enough to make you feel comfortable but not so loose that you have to worry about it falling off.

Ballet slippers are a necessity of course, and there is no rule for what works best. When you are a beginning adult ballet student, it is wise to ask your instructor what type of ballet slippers they prefer. Some studio floors may need one type vs. another. It is wise to ask. Tights can be a requirement at some ballet studios and if this makes you uncomfortable, you can usually wear leggings and a sweatshirt on top of them.

Things to Consider For Adult Ballet

When you are an adult ballet student, your class will be structured the same way as any ballet class for children. You will warm up at the barre so that your muscles will become warm and flexible. You may warm up a little more than children would because you must protect your body differently than children do. You should also consider your body's capacity before you begin any exercise program. In adult ballet, you will need strong knees, ankles, and a strong back in order to participate; you will also need good health.

Before you begin an adult ballet class, it can be important to start working out a bit. Walking or some other low impact aerobic exercise is a help, so that you develop the stamina you will need to do your ballet routines.

Equipment and Other Needs For Adult Ballet Workouts

There are no real equipment needs for an adult ballet student, but there are things that you might want to take with you. A bottle of water is a good idea because you will want water from time to time during your workout. A small towel to wipe off your brow or excess sweat is also a good idea. You will need something to carry them in like a backpack or a small duffle bag. You may also want to change clothes before you leave the studio. Therefore, you will need a change of clothes.